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L&B Damask Rose Hand Cream

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Damask Rose oil’s refreshingly light scent with rich moisturizing effects

  • Non-sticky cream with strong moisturizing effects
  • Bidens Pilosa helps with itchiness and inflammation
  • LPS helps to boost skin immunity which helps the skin turnover, cover the the appearance of wrinkles, and recover the skin damaged by UV.
  • Contains the highest quality Damask rose oil–antioxidant effects and soothing aroma of rose helps to relax


  • Apply daily, especially after hand washing or as needed for additional hydration.

Key Ingredients

UMEKEN L&B Cosmetics is a combination of “L” in LPS and “B” in Bidens Pilosa to form a new premium cosmetic line that helps with skin immunity. Help strengthen the skin condition and beauty with Umeken L&B.

LPS(Lipopolysaccharide): Macrophage is vital for strengthening the immune system and LPS is a new, exciting ingredient to boost such macrophages.
Experience the power of skin immunity with LPS, extracted from fermented rice extract.

BIDENS PILOSA: Bidens pilosa is a special herb known for its anti-inflammation benefits.
It’s especially effective for sensitive skin or those with atopic dermatitis or skin allergies.

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Skin Immunity
Skin Immunity
Damask Rose Oil
Damask Rose Oil

Skin Benefits

Umeken L&B Damask Rose Hand Cream is a quick-absorbing hand cream for a slip-free feel and a soft, powdery finish. Damask Rose oil captures the moisture in the hands while the Umeken’s proprietary LPS and Bidens Pilosa ingredients leave the skin soft and nourished with a smooth finish and lasting comfort.

  • Out of 20,000 types of roses, Damask rose contains the most beauty elements and is known for helping balance the emotions and gives relaxing effects with its light aroma.
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